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When a student accepts admission to Virginia Tech as an undergraduate, graduate, or professional student, they also accept membership in the university community and responsibility for upholding its shared values and expectations. The Student Code of Conduct outlines policies established by the university that set standards for students’ behavior, along with procedures for adjudicating and sanctioning violations of these standards.

Pylons on campus

In 2020, the Student Code of Conduct was reviewed and revised to improve clarity, update policies and processes, and include the expanding and diverse populations of students across all Virginia Tech campuses and programs. Previously, the Student Code of Conduct and other university policies for students were published in the Hokie Handbook. Based on student feedback and best practices learned during the revision process, Student Affairs decided to retire the Hokie Handbook in favor of a standalone code of conduct. Other resources and policies previously housed in the Hokie Handbook will be published and managed by their respective units (e.g., Housing and Residence Life and Dining Services) or referenced and linked in the Student Code of Conduct, as appropriate.

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